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Hi, I'm Dawn - aka Dawnie Crochet. 

My love of crochet started with my Nan. She used to crochet Granny Square blankets for charity and though I would watch, I could never quite get the hang of it, even though I knew how to knit. It was only after she died six years ago that I finally took up the hook and taught myself to crochet (with the help of so many amazing and wonderful crochet experts on YouTube and social media).


Since then I've caught the crochet bug and crochet has become a big part of my life. I'm inspired by colour and texture (you can catch some of my experiments over on my Instagram feed!) and love the simple therapy of yarn-over-hook. 


I also love the crochet community. I've never met a warmer, more supportive, friendlier bunch. Crochet people are good people!

I'm a mum of two and live with my partner in Kent, along with two dogs and two cats. I love growing flowers and you'll see some of my crochet inspiration comes from the colours of my spring and summer garden as well as my morning dog walks.

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